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Guaranteed Supply Reasonable Price High-Quality Strong Partnership For more than three decades, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation has stably become one of the most recognized concentrated latex producer in Thailand and gained numerous reputations within rubber industry worldwide. We have been continuously improving our manufacturing process, logistics network, and material supply management to ensure that we are fully capable of delivering the finest product to our customers when they want. Our devotions to quality are aimed at providing real customer benefits, the benefits that last resulting in maximum customer satisfaction. Thai Rubber Latex Corporation is a leading manufacturer and exporter of latex concentrate, disposable rubber gloves, extruded rubber threads, and various rubber products. Our core competitiveness is derived from consistency of supply, high-quality products, spontaneous customer services. That is contributable to our success.

::: Our Products  :::

 Disposable Latex Gloves
      Non-sterile Medical Gloves
      General Purpose Gloves
      For Food Handling Gloves
      Better Protection Gloves
      Extra Thick Gloves
      For Electronics Gloves

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ISO 9001:2015 ISO 13485

Powdered Latex Glove

Powdered Latex Glove (PROGEN)

Powder-Free Latex Glove

Powder-Free Latex Glove (PROGEN)


:: Latex Gloves for Food Handling ::  

Our color gloves are widely used in the food handling & food packaging industry or large-scale kitchens, where it is essential to prevent accidental contamination of food material due to discarded gloves.

Although they are available in various colours, they do not result in colour or chemical contamination of food material due to our unique manufacturing methods. We normally produce blue colour gloves for good handling since it is the universal colour for food handling gloves used in food industry. However, other colours of food handling gloves will be manufactured upon customers' request.

Easy Donning, Excellent Comfort,
High Quality, High Resistance to Tearing,
Low Protein, Fit with Hands,
Complying with ISO 9001:2015,ISO 13485:2016, FDA 510K,
ASTM-D-3578 EN455 PART 1-3,CE


Product Properties : Latex Gloves For Food Handling

Type  : Powdered/Powder-Free
Specification  : Non-Sterile, Ambidextrous, Disposable
Cuff :


Surface : Smooth/Textured
Color : White/Natural
Main Material : Natural Concentrated Latex
Powder Material :

Cornstarch Powder, FDA Approved

Type Protein Content Powder control
Powder <= 200 µg/dm² <= 10 µg/dm²
Powder-Free <= 50 µg/g <= 2 mg/glove
Tensile ASTM


Before Aging >= 18 Mpa >= 9 Newton
After Aging >= 14 Mpa >= 6 Newton
Elongation ASTM EN455
Before Aging >= 650% -
After Aging >= 500% -
   Dimensions  Standard XS S M L XL
   Width (mm.) 74-78 82-85 92-95 103-106 112-115
   Length (mm.)


220 mm 220 mm 230 mm 230 mm 230 mm
  EN455 Minimum for all size 240 mm.
   Thickness (mm.)   Cuff 0.06 mm.
  Palm 0.08 mm.
  Finger  0.11 mm.
Quality :

Conformed to ASTM - D3578 - 01 ae2
and FDA 510 (K),
ISO 9001:2015,
ISO 13485:2016
Conformed to EN455 part 1-3 and CE

Standard Packing : 100 Pieces / Dispenser Box
    10 Dispenser Boxes / Carton
    1,400 Cartons / 20'FCL
2,600 Cartons / 40'FCL
3,200 Cartons / 40'HQ

OEM is available.

    Available in bulk pack.
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